Medical Set Cookie Cutters (Set of 10 items)

Product Description
If you have a custom shape or logos in mind please contact us for your unique custom orders.

This listing is for Medical Set cookie cutters (Brain, Lungs, Heart, Heartbeat, 2" syringe, 2" RX logo, 3" chemistry flask, 2" mortar pestle, skull, 3" Chromosome). This set comes in a jar as shown in the picture. This is a special edition. The value of this set is $60.00 if the items are purchased separately. The size is approximately as shown, great size to make cookies for any occasions. The depth are about .5” deep enough to make thick size cookies.

All cookie cutters are made printed by a quality high resolution 70 microns 3D printer at the time of order. Color may vary for each and every cookie cutter in this set.

This item is not dishwasher safe, hand wash only. Prolonged exposure to moisture and direct sunlight should be avoided.
$ 39.99 $ 60.00

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