Meet the new face of CookieCutz

Meet the new face of CookieCutz

We would like to introduce you to the new face of ! Meet Super Cookie Blondie ! 


She is going to be in all marketing materials of ! This includes. Packaging, thank you notes, our website and Instagram pages.


What would you rate our new Character in the scale of 1 to 10 ?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below !



Super Cookie Blondie would like to give you a 10% discount, use promo code: 10foryou during checkout 

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  • Arbi Haftavani
Comments 6
  • Vivian

    Kidding, right? Too brash.

  • CF

    Not a fan. I’d give her a 1. She’s actually a bit creepy.

  • Lynn

    In my opinion she wasn’t a good choice. Rate 1

  • Cindi

    Not sure she represents the average baker, and not sure she’s meant to, what with the long nails etc. She’s ok, but JUST ok…

  • Charlene

    I like her. 9 or 10

  • Joyce Stewart
    Joyce Stewart

    Wish you well but not a “Blondie” fan. Looks too much like a Kardashian dressed up for costume party. Rate: 2

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